How do I install an SSL Certificate?

After your SSL Certificate is issued it will be available in your control panel. You can locate and install it by following the steps below.

Locate your SSL Certificate

Step 1: Log in to your control panel. Learn how

Step 2: Navigate to the Order Information view.

 Type the Domain Name of the order in the search field on the homepage, select Order from the drop down and click on the Search button.


Step 3: Retrieve your SSL Certificate.       

In the Order Information view, click on View certificate details.


A pop-up will display your certificate as shown below:



Install your SSL Certificate

Depending upon the web server where you intend to install your SSL Certificate, you need to refer to the appropriate instructions below:



Microsoft IIS 5.x & 6.x

Microsoft IIS 7.x



OS X Lion (10.7) Server




In order to install your SSL Certificate you will also need the SSL Certificate of the Certificate Authority (i.e the CA bundle). The CA bundle contains root and intermediate certificates of the CA and is available for download from here